MobTown CrossFit – Kong Conditioning

Core Work

6 Rounds:

:30 High Plank Hold

:20 Rest

4 Rounds for Reps:

:30 Max Effort LOW Plank Marches

:30 Rest

:30 Max Effort Hollow Rocks

:30 Rest

:30 Max Effort Hanging Tuck with leg extensions

1 Round:

:35 second Unbroken Hollow Body Hold

10 strict toes to bar (scale is strict knees to elbows)

Low Plank March

Hanging tuck with leg extensions

Sculpting the guns (As written)

5 x 8 hammer curls

(3 sets strict w lighter weight, 2 sets with swing if need…think dB cleans)

5 x 5 ring dips

3 x 5 dips on GHD or scaled dips using box