MobTown CrossFit – Kong Conditioning

Plank Hold (Time)

Max Effort Plank Hold
If you are not able to maintain a raised plank position, go to your elbows and maintain a tight body! Same technique as a raised plank but on your elbows.

Core Work

5 Rounds, Not For Time

20 Hollow Rocks

10 Alligator Rolls

5 V-Ups from Hollow Position

1 Round

:30 Unbroken Hollow Body Hold

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

400m Run

30 DB Deadlifts (55#/35#)

30 OH Single Arm DB Lunge (55#/35#)

400m Run

20 DB Deadlifts (55#/35#)

20 OH Single Arm DB Lunge (55#/35#)

400m Run

10 DB Deadlifts (55#/35#)

10 OH Single Arm DB Lunge (55#/35#)
Scale DB weight accordingly! Your OH DB lunge weight should allow you to have full lock out with your arm by your ear.

Use the extra work time to improve your technique and flexibility so that when it appears in a WOD or the Open, you will be prepared.