MobTown CrossFit – CrossFit

Earthquake Bench Press (AMRAP – Reps)

KB will be suspended from each side of the barbell by a band. Score is Max unbroken reps. Everyone will get 2 attempts at a Max set.

Rx: 115/61

Rx+: 151/87

“Drinkin Buddies” (Time)

50 DB curls L arm

50 DB curls R arm

50 DB Hang Cleans & Arnold Press L arm

50 DB Hang Cleans & Arnold Press R arm

50 WBs Over the Rig

50 partner Sit-ups w/ WB

50 DB OHS L arm

50 DB OHS R arm

200m Waiters Carry

10 KB Turkish Get-ups

Rx: 35/20 DBs

35/26 KB

20/14 WB

Rx+: 55/35 DBs

53/35 KB

20/14 WB
Work must be split evenly between buddies regardless of rep scheme chosen.

Have Fun!!