MobTown CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

**1. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate**

Crossover Symmetry or Banded 7’s


6 min AMRAP

30-sec assault bike

7-floor plate press

5 Sandbags over box (lightweight – focus on transition)

**2. Strength Prep**

– After Warm-Up give athletes a few mins to work up to 85% (should only need 2-3 sets) –

**3. Workout Prep**

1 set

5/4 Calorie Bike (together)

5 Synchro Hand release Push-Ups

1 Sandbag over box (Workout weight and box height)


Shoulder Press (6 x 2)

2 Shoulder Press x 6 sets @85% of 1RM

* Complete a set every 1 minute 30 seconds *


COMP: Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

20/15 Calorie Assault Bike

20 Hand Release Push-ups

10 Squat Cleans (185/125)

Rest 2:00 between sets
Target time each set: 3:30-4:30 minutes

Time cap each set: 5 minutes

Score is total time including rest.

FIT: Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds (each)

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

20 Hand Release Push-ups

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)

PART: Metcon (Time)

Teams of 2

3 sets

20/15 Calorie Assault Bike (each – two bikes)

20 Synchro Hand Release Push-ups

20 Sandbag over box (48/42) (150/100)

-Rest 2:00 between sets-

*Teams have two bikes and will work at the same time

*Sandbag reps are split
Partner 1 will clean the bag, place on the box or over the bar, and push/drop to the other side. Partner 2 will do the same, sending the bag back the same way. Many athletes will find that standing sideways to the box and performing the clean onto the bag is more efficient/easier than facing the box (resulting in athlete being further away from the box during the clean and requiring them to step or lean forward to get the bag over the box/bar).

Accessory Work

Metcon (No Measure)

Focus: 30yds walking lunge (unbroken distance)

For QUALITY, not heavy weight
Find an area that 30 yds can be lunged unbroken. Lunges should be done for quality, not for weight. Feel free to begin with only bodyweight and increase across sets. For walking lunges, attempt to keep tension in the legs during the entire rep, meaning you shouldn’t be resting/slamming the back knee into the floor. Keep loading to something that will allow for smooth, constant lunges throughout sets.